We are a PLATINUM partner for SDS JOVIAN (ZFS) for the Czech Republic 


We are pleased to announce that Abacus Electric, s.r.o. has become a PLATINUM partner for the sale, installation, management and support of Open-e JOVIAN, a popular SDS (Software Defined Storage) product. This SDS operating system using ZFS file system supports many modern technologies (caching on SSD and all-flash configurations, on-line compression and deduplication, unlimited snapshots, several different topologies for ensuring high availability, etc.) and is ideal for installation of several TB to hundreds TB. The big advantage is the ability to integrate it into ESX VMware’s infrastructure as a virtual storage appliance (VSA).
Two more of our technicians, Pavel Zíka and Petr Kraus, have successfully completed the Open-e pro product training and thus become certified support technicians for the JOVIAN operating system. Our company thus becomes the first and only PLATINUM partner for Jovian, an SDS solution, in the Czech Republic. I have three certified technicians in the team and you will find a number of other configurations in our configurator including the officially certified Jovian J1 configuration.
Other SDS JOVIAN-based storage solutions will follow.
If you want to try out the Open-e JOVIAN during the summer, please create a user account, generate a 60-day trial key and download the installation package. For more information, visit Open-e.


We are a PLATINUM partner for SDS JOVIAN (ZFS) for the Czech Republic
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