News for our on-line customers  

Dear customers,
we have prepared several novelties on our e-shop and support portal AbaDesk that make your life easier.

We completed the e-shop with the product comparison tool to select the server SSD. Choose the right SSD according to


endurance (DWPD)

read and write speed (IOPS)

interface and mechanical design.

Therefore you can easily find foe example NVMe type SSD for slot connection with a capacity of 6,4 TB.

We also have a comparison tool for processors Intel Xeon/Phi. According to "classic" parameters such as


number of cores

cache size, but also

maximum consumption (TDP)

PassMark CPU performance and CPU2006 performance

Some improvements have also been made to support portal (AbaDesk):

Now you can order us to pick a defective components from you through our website using a "airplane" icon in the main toolbar.

Now we import Supermicro FAQ into the "News" section daily, we prepare an automatic e-mailing of these news, which it can be set through your login properties in AbaDesk portal.

News for our on-line customers
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