New service - test it before you take it 

Dear customers, we have prepared a new service - test it before you take it Due to the increasing customer demands for testing the applications of GPU systems, servers for virtualization, information systems, VOIP telephony, hosting, VMware, etc. on Supermicro servers. Thus we decided to include this service. Now you have the opportunity to assure, that you chose a server according to your needs and that it meets all your requirements.

How it all works?

Choose a appropriate configuration at

We check the configuration and discuss it with you if needed

we create the server and deliver it to your address

you can test the server yourself

Then you send the server back to our address

if you decide to buy the configuration, loaning the server for testing is for free

otherwise, the price of the loan is 1 % of the price of the server for every working day

the minimum price of the loan is set to CZK 3,000

long-term loan is calculated individually

New service - test it before you take it
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