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SALENTE L5, laser robotic vacuum cleaner (wet wiping and charging station)

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SALENTE L5, laser robotic vacuum cleaner (wet wiping and charging station)


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360° laser navigation during cleaning, mobile application, fluffy roller, option of wet wiping, adjustment to the floor surface, automatic resumption of cleaning, central TURBO brush and two side brushes, option of planned cleaning at a given time



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!REFURBISHED! SALENTE L5, laser robotic vacuum cleaner (wet wiping and charging station)


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Product details


High-performance laser vacuum cleaner with available wet wiping

The Salente L5 vacuum cleaner is equipped with state-of-the-art technology available for space orientation. 360° laser radar, LAM algorithm and gyroscopic navigation ensure precise localization of the vacuum cleaner and its ideal movement in the cleaned area. Thus the vacuum cleaner moves very precisely, it does not repeatedly clean areas which have been already cleaned and the cleaning is very efficient and quick.

Rotary foam roller for the finest dust and coarse dirt

For the perfect vacuuming of the smallest dust particles a rotary foam roller has been developed to sweep even the finest dust from solid floors. However, at the same time it is able to handle coarse dirt and therefore it is the best solution for vacuuming of solid floors.

Mobile application

Salente L5 robotic vacuum cleaner can be controlled via mobile application using your mobile phone or tablet. After connecting the vacuum cleaner to your home WiFi network, the vacuum cleaner can be controlled from anywhere. The application allows easy controlling of the vacuum cleaner such as starting it in different cleaning modes, setting three levels of suction or wiping power, setting of the planned cleaning and it informs you about the battery charge level or current status of the robot. Mobile application is compatible with Android and iOS operating systems.

Intelligent control of the wet wiping

The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a large replaceable water tank with a capacity of 400 ml and microfibre mop, which can wipe more than 200 m2 of flooring per one filling. The setting of three cleaning modes in the mobile application combined with electronically controlled tank ensures continuous water supply without excessive wetting, which makes the vacuum cleaner suitable also for wooden floors and parquet.

Virtual map in real time

Laser navigation is used not only for movement in space, but it can also very effectively map the area and create an accurate virtual map of the surrounding environment. This map is available in the mobile application and allows you to easily oversee the operation of the vacuum cleaner. Additionally, it allows you to easily select a specific area for cleaning, cleaning at a specific point or to prevent cleaning areas which you do not wish to clean by setting up virtual walls.

Voice control

Salente L5 supports modern technology of voice control. It is compatible with Alexa or Google Home system and allows you to control the vacuum cleaner with voice commands. At the same time, you can use the mobile application or the supplied remote control to control it.

Automatic resumption of cleaning

This function ensures that the cleaning will resume at the point where it was interrupted. It can be, for instance, after emptying the dust compartment, refilling the water tank, or when the battery is low. Thus there is no repetitive cleaning of already cleaned area and it does not matter how large is the space you need to clean, because the vacuum cleaner recharges if necessary, returns to its last position and resumes cleaning.

Adjustment to the floor surface

The vacuum cleaner can automatically detect the type of the floor on which it is located and adjust the suction power. Upon reaching the carpet, the performance increases for more efficient cleaning and it automatically returns to the standard mode when returning to floor tiling or floating floor.

Three modes of suction power

In addition to the automatic adjustment of the suction power depending on the surface, three modes of suction power can be set manually via the mobile application. You can choose maximum power to clean heavily soiled areas or use more quiet, lowest power for light fouling or when you are watching your favourite TV show. Large dust compartment with a capacity of 600 ml ensures long-term cleaning without the need for operation.

Three-stage filtration with washable HEPA filter

Three-stage filtration with washable HEPA filter helps to collect fine dust, allergenic mites or animal allergens. It also prevents small dust particles from leaking back into the air. The maintenance of the vacuum cleaner is very simple and its operation does not require exchangeable paper bags. HEPA filter is washable and can be cleaned and used repeatedly.

Central turbo brush and two side brushes

The rotating central brush ensures efficient vacuuming of both the carpets and smooth floors, and in combination with a pair of antistatic side brushes it does not have a problem to clean areas around furniture, along the walls, corners, and other hard-to-reach areas.

Modern high-performance BLDC motor

High-performance BLDC motor has long durability, higher reliability, more quiet operation and more economical performance than classic motors.

TOF sensor and sensor against falling down the stairs and landings

The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a number of sensors which protect the vacuum cleaner and the furniture against falling and collisions. TOF sensor also ensures flawless movement along glass and black walls.

Great movement through cleaned space

Large wheels and powerful motors ensure crossing over obstacles up to 20 mm high and allow the vacuum cleaner to overcome transition rails and carpets.

High capacity battery

A high-capacity Li-Ion battery with a capacity of 3 200 mAh provides sufficient energy for cleaning over prolonged period of time. Automatic recharging of battery with low capacity and subsequent resuming of cleaning from the point where it was interrupted enable cleaning of any large household.

• 360° Laser radar, LDS + SLAM algorithm
• Mobile application control
• Virtual map in real time / virtual wall
• Automatic resuming of cleaning
• Adjustment to the floor surface
• Voice control Alexa / Google Home
• Three suction power modes
• Three levels of wet wiping

• Central TURBO brush and pair of side brushes
• Sensors protecting the vacuum cleaner and the furniture
• TOF sensor for detecting glass and black walls
• Three-stage filtration with washable HEPA filter
• Premium tempered glass surface against scratches
• Option of wet wiping
• Option of dry wiping for collecting fine dust
• Schedule cleaning at the specified time (delayed cleaning)
• Bag-less operation
• Automatic charging via the charging station
• Firmware update via mobile application
• Modern and quiet Japanese BLDC NIDEC motor with high power 46 W
• High suction power up to 1 800 Pa
• Dust compartment, 600 ml
• Electronically controlled water tank, 400 ml
• High-capacity Li-Ion battery 3 200 mAh
• IR remote control
• Diameter of 350 mm
• Height of 76 mm
• Weight 3.35 kg

Package Content:

• Robotic vacuum cleaner Salente L5
• Dust container for vacuuming (600 ml)
• Water dispenser for wet wiping (400 ml)
• IR remote control
• Charging base
• 230V power supply
• Spare HEPA filter
• Spare microfibre mopping cloth
• Spare side brushes, 2 pcs
• Cleaning brush
• User manual

Video assembly procedure can be found here.




Product manager:

Zbyněk Váňa, +420 387 001 461,



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