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Salente Cuco, multifunction electric pressure cooker

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Salente Cuco, multifunction electric pressure cooker


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<p><img alt="Salente a Evolveo" src="" style="float:center; height:675px; width:1200px" /></p> <h3>Modern cooking for the 21st century</h3> Cook your favourite meals in the cooker - healt

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Product details


Salente a Evolveo

Modern cooking for the 21st century

Cook your favourite meals in the cooker - healthily, easily and quickly. A pleasant surprise is also its electricity consumption, which makes the pot environmentally friendly. The cooker can be used as a pressure cooker, slow cooker, steamer, but also as a rice cooker, yoghurt maker, sterilizer, it is great for preparing eggs in various ways, frying and stir frying. The cooker can also can. A big advantage of the Cuco cooker is the possibility to prepare the main course and the side dish at the same time thanks to the included accessories. Several safety features monitor the cooking safety.

Two modes of use

Salente Cuco combines two ways of food preparation in one modern appliance. The cooker can be used as a pressure or slow cooker.. Both modes differ according to the used lids. You can quickly and easily prepare delicious stew, steamed vegetable or home-made nutritious broth in one cooker.

Salente Cuco

Main course and side dish cooked together

With a stainless steel container for side dishes you can by pressure cooking cook the main course and side dish in one pot! You can prepare Sunday lunch - potatoes and meat with gravy - by putting the potatoes in a basket with water, placing it on a stand and placing the meat with gravy to the bottom part of the inner cooker. The meal is ready in a few minutes. The cooker keeps an eye on everything and you have more time to you loved ones.

Salente Cuco

It saves 13 days of time and 300 EUR per year

Cooking with Salente Cuco, in which you can prepare main course and side dish at the same time, is not only economical, but also environmental-friendly! With average cooking 5 times a week and the price of energy EUR 0,32/kWh, you save 300 EUR per year and your time spend cooking will be 13 days shorter. Salente Cuco will give you almost two weeks of free time plus goes easy on your wallet. Enjoy!

Salente Cuco

Slow cooking and preparation

The glass lid is suitable for roasting and heating the meals. You can easily prepare the basis for an excellent stew. If you are a fan of so-called slow cooking, using the lid will turn the cooker into a slow cooker, in which you can prepare delicious home-made broth.

Salente Cuco

Recommended by professionals

Salente Cuco is thanks to its wide range of uses and possibilities popular not only with regular users, but also with some professional chefs. Well-known czech culinary chef Petr Stupka also cooks in multifunctional Salente cookers. You can find his recipes at

Salente Cuco

Key features of Salente Cuco multifunctional cooker

• Cooking the main course and the side dish at the same time
• Simple – easy to use
• Fast - up to 70% faster cooking
• Environmentally friendly - saves up to 80 % of energy
• Multifunctional - wide range of accessories
• Healthy - cooking with no fat
• Safe - system of safety features

Multifunctional electric cooker

Salente Cuco combines several appliances into one. You can use over 30 pre-set programs of cooking including the canning program.

Inner container

The inner 6l container is made of quality stainless steel which can be washed in a dishwasher. At the same time, it allows you to cook food for the whole family (2 - 6 persons)


There are 9 safety features and microprocessor ensuring the safety of the appliance. The cooker has GS certificate.


The cooker comes with a wide range of accessories, which will make your everyday cooking easier - a glass lid, stainless steel basket, measuring jug, spoon, stand. The stainless steel basket enables you to cook main course and the side dish at the same time.

Simple operation

The Salente Cuco appliance is designed to be as easy to use as possible, therefore all the control features are in English, including the provided manual and cookbook.

• 11-In-1: pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, yoghurt maker, egg cooker, food warmer, frying or stir frying pan, steamer, sterilizer, cooker for stewing meat, cooker for canning
• The removable inner cooker made of quality stainless steel
• 6l container - allows cooking for the whole family
• Over 30 pre-set programs of cooking
• You can cook the main course with the side dish in one cooker thanks to the stainless steel basket
• 15 simple cooking functions: oatmeal, broth, soup, poultry, yoghurt, eggs, beans, chilli, rice, meat, stewing, dessert, slow cooking, steam, stir frying, legumes, canning, heating
• Possibility to set a delayed start (up to 24 hours) and possibility of pressure setting high/low
• 9 safety features for safe cooking - GS certificate, controlled by a microprocessor
• Big and well-arranged LCD display with backlight
• Environment-friendly cooking - saves your time and money, 80% less electricity consumption
• Very easy operation and control
• Multifunctional - wide range of accessories - a glass lid, stainless steel basket, measuring jug, spoon, stand
• Menu, buttons, manual and cookbook in English

Technical specifications:
• Dimensions: 34 × 31 × 35 cm
• Weight: 5.9 kg
• 230 V
• 6l stainless steel container
• Power 1 000 W

Package content:
• Multifunctional cooker
• Pressure lid
• 6l inner stainless steel container
• Condensation container
• Measuring jug
• Stainless steel basket
• Toughened glass lid
• Stand
• Spoon
• Cookbook
• Manual
• Power cable (1,3 m)




Product manager:

Josef Falta, +420 387 001 465, 775 898 831,



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