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QSAN Replica sw pro P300Q/P500Q

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Code / COQ R1
Part No. / FW.QRPC0.ST000
VAT / 21%
Warranty / 36 Month
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QSAN Replica sw pro P300Q/P500Q


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Qsan QReplica - Schedule Remote Replication
Product Description
Schedule remote replication for restoration and continuous data service for Qsan dual controller models
Feature Highlights
1. Asynchronous replications for up to 8 logical volumes
2. Full replication and incremental replication support
3. Manual & schedule tasks support
4. Dedicated port reservation for replication usage
5. Windows and Linux host utilities support
Volume Operation
1. Up to 8 logical volumes can be setup with QReplica tasks per system
2. One source target can be setup with multiple destination targets, it allows administrators with more flexibility to do replications on different destination targets and different purposes
3. Snapshot space can be reserved as 0.5 to 3 times of the source volume
4. Auto-sync threshold values are 40%, 50%, and 60%
Source & Destination Connection
1. Connection resuming/retry mechanism options when network condition is problematic
2. Dedicated port reservation on both the source side and the destination side
P300H: one of the 4 port can be setup for replication
i. MC/S (Optional, support later)
P500H: only when the 2nd port is supported, the single port model cannot support replication
3. Multipath support




Product manager:

Jan Petrák, +420 387 001 451, +420 602 742 705,


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