Connection to XML data service ABACUS.CZ 


Dear customers, to log in, please enter your logging data you have been received.If you have not, ask for them at Please provide your ID and send a copy to your dealer. Your common logins to ABACUS.CZ have not the below described functionality. You have to create a new login for web services.

Microsoft Excel:

For download XML file use link below in Google Chrome and select save as an XML file.

Sample URL for downloading XML files: Words NAME and PASSWORD replace with your login data or write them in a popup window.

After opening the link in Google Chrome

you will see the xml list, save it as an .xml file in a browser menu or press CTRL + S.

After opening the link in Internet Explorer

you will see the xml list, save it as an .xml file in a browser menu or press CTRL + S.

Open the saved file in Microsoft Excel and continue below:

Check the third option in the window Open XML.

In window XML Source click on StoItem

StoItem drag and drop to any cell in Excel and push ALT + F5 (refresh).

On the website:

http://www.ABACUS.CZ/i6ws/ResultTypeInfo.ashx there is a list of SELECTS returned by the service + permitted times when you can download data (larger data volumes only out of office hours). You can download XML by all methods (GET/POST/SOAP). The service is able to compress received data (gzip, deflate) if you send a request with the heading: Accept-Encoding: gzip, deflate.

Below is an example of a simple script that downloads and stores the XML.

There are various examples of web service calls commented out. You can also use wget or similar utilities.

You can also access the web service via a browser:

http://www.ABACUS.CZ/i6ws/ where is a simple graphical interface for “manual” test of the service. In XML, there are not complete links (in order to save size), they must be completed (e.g. export: StoItemBase).

There are constant parts of the link in the root element, e.g.:

Link for product detail: UrlBase="http://www.ABACUS.CZ/?cls=stoitem&stiid=" Link for large product picture: UrlBaseImg="http://www.ABACUS.CZ/img.asp?stiid=" Link for product preview: UrlBaseThumbnail="http://www.ABACUS.CZ/img.asp?attname=thumbnail&attpedid=52&attsrcid=" The final link is created by chaining the value from the Id attribute. Bit (0x1) attributes (ImgIs, ThumbnailIs) tell us that the product has a picture. In exports, the guarantee (WarDur) is converted into days (in system, it is given as time+unit). MAXINT=2147483647 means a lifetime guaranty. If it is given in months, the conversion is /31. If in years, /365.

Brief export description:

SCategorySys – category register StoItemBase – base information about products StoItemPriceOrd - prices (including special prices) StoItemQtyFree – inventory level export StoItemSiv – export of all data into the I6 module of product supplier/customer SPresentTree – tree structure StrStiSync – tree structure + products (for synchronization between I6 systems) Order – order export (including B2C information) ZCompany – export of B2C users

Sample simple script for download of web service XML export in VBScript strUrl is written in the form:

strUrl = "http://NAME:PASSWORD@www.ABACUS.CZ/i6ws/default.asmx/ METHOD_NAME?resultType=RESULT_NAME&POTENTIAL_PARAMETERS" METHOD_NAME + POTENTIAL_PARAMETERS GetResult + resultType GetResultByCode + resultType, code GetResultByFromTo + resultType, from, to Sample for download basic information about product with the code: 123456. Save the code below as i6ws_client.vbs and then start over: cscript.exe i6ws_client.vbs (NAME + PASSWORD must be overwritten with the sent data)

Option Explicit Main Private Sub Main Dim strUrl, strFile strUrl = "" strFile = "StoItemBase.xml" With CreateObject("MSXML2.XMLHTTP") WScript.Echo "Opening url: " & strUrl .Open "GET", strUrl, False .Send If .Status <> 200 Then Err.Raise vbObjectError + 1, "GetResponseXml", "Bad response status: [" & .Status & "] " & .StatusText & vbCrLf & .ResponseText WScript.Echo "Saving file: " & strFile .ResponseXml.Save strFile WScript.Echo "Done." End With End Sub

Examples of other URL:

basic properties of all products: ... default.asmx/GetResult?resultType=StoItemBase Basic properties of the 600623 product: ... default.asmx/GetResultByCode?resultType=StoItemBase&code=600623 information about the 600623 product storage: ... default.asmx/GetResultByCode?resultType=StoItemQtyFree&code=600623 information about the 600623 product price: ... default.asmx/GetResultByCode?resultType=StoItemPriceOrd&code=600623 basic product properties that has been changed between 13.06.2005-06.06.2079: ... default.asmx/GetResultByFromTo?resultType=StoItemBase&from=2005-06-13&to=2079-06-06 There is a new WSHi6JobISiv.wsf script for download of data from the I6 Web Service (see the new no. 4371) and actualization of the data downloaded to the product Customer/Supplier module available. The script is able to work with results of this procedure callings: StoItemSiv, StoItemQtyFree, StoItemPriceOrd. A typical scenario: once a day, download the complete data (StoItemSiv) + possibly, in given intervals, download the inventory level (StoItemQtyFree).

The script parameter list can be written using:

cscript.exe i6JobISiv.wsf /? /ServiceUrl:" url web services " in the form: /SivComId:" ... " enter the number of customer/supplier whose products are updated /ModeIns:" 0x1 " you can specify whether to create new records. 0.. ne, 1 ano. Binding via SivCode. (Other parameters are related to access SQL Server) The script sends an output to the standard output. So it can be redirected to a file and you can have such a detailed log. This log is in the HTML format (there are event tables and so on.). With SendMail.wsf, you can send them by email.

Sample chunk with a log sending:

REM ********************************** @ECHO OFF SET LogFile=%0.htm cscript.exe //NoLogo i6JobISiv.wsf /DataSource:"SQL" /Catalog:"DB" /SivComId:"123" /ModeIns:"1" /ServiceUrl:"http://NAME:PASSWORD@SUPPLIER.CZ/I6.Web.WebService/Default.asmx/GetResult?resultType=StoItemSiv" >%LogFile% 2>&1 IF NOT %ERRORLEVEL%==0 ( SET MailType=Err ) ELSE ( SET MailType=Log ) cscript.exe "SendMail.wsf" //NoLogo /MOutput:"SMTP.FIRMA.CZ" /MFrom:"" /MTo:"" /MSubject:"AutoMail; Source: localhost#ISiv@DODAVATEL.CZ; Type: %MailType%Msg" /MBody:"%LogFile%" /MNoLogo:1 REM **********************************

Connection to XML data service ABACUS.CZ
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