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LCD (2×16) for 5,25" bay, USB interface

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Code / CAS MCP-220-00095-0B
Part No. / MCP-220-00095-0B
Part No.2 / MCP-220-00095-0B
VAT / 21%
Warranty / 12 Month
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LCD (2×16) for 5,25" bay, USB interface


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Super Micro Computer, Inc. (NASDAQ: SMCI), vyvíjí, vyrábí a dodává energeticky efektivni, optimalizovane servery architektury x86. Firma vyrábí široké portfolio serverů, high-endovych pracovnich stanic, storage systemů a dalších serverovych komponent souhrnně nazývaných Server Building Blocks Solutions(R)

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The MCP-220-00095-0B is a flexible, feature-rich 5.25" LCD module kit. The module displays two backlighted lines of data with 16 characters per line, and includes 6 front access keys (4-way direction keys and Enter/Cancel buttons), and USB interface with pin header to support up to 100cm of cable connected to a communications terminal.

LCD Specifications
- LCD Module: 2 lines, 16 characters per line with back lights
- USB Interface (cable available for pin header, 100cm)
- 6 access keys (4 way directions and Enter/Cancel buttons)

Software Support
- JAVA based API compatible w/ Windows 32/64-bit & Linux
- GUI based, with complete list of LCD functions

- Company Logo
- Clock
- System, Hardware, Network Information
- Monitoring System, Usage, and IPMI Information

OS level support as stardard. BIOS level per request.

IPC Solution (1U)
• Complete black (01) / beige (02) 1U LCD bezel ASM.
• Compatible chassis series: SC814, SC816

• Complete black (01) / beige (02) / silver (OV) 1U LCD bezel
• Compatible chassis series: SC813, SC813M, SC815, SC819
• Download LCD software (for MCP-210-00007-01/02/0V only)

Embedded Solution
MCP-210-00033-01/02 (OEM)
• Black (01) / beige (02) front panel with LCD module
• Compatible chassis series: SC512, SC512L, SC512F-260
• Download LCD software




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Jan Petrák, +420 387 001 451, +420 602 742 705,


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