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EVOLVEO XXtremeCord, kábel HDMI 2.1, dĺžka 2 metre, podpora 8K ULTRA HD, 4K, 2K a FHD, 48Gbps šírka pásma

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Code / KAE 2M HDMI24K 2.1
Part No. / XXTR2M2.1
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VAT / 21%
Warranty / 120 Month
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EVOLVEO XXtremeCord, kábel HDMI 2.1, dĺžka 2 metre, podpora 8K ULTRA HD, 4K, 2K a FHD, 48Gbps šírka pásma


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HDMI 2.1 version, 8K UltraHD resolution support, backward compatible with 4K, 2K and FullHD, dynamic HDR and HLG support, bandwidth 48Gbps, eACR, gold-plated connectors 24K, triple shielding, Ethernet and 3D support for all multimedia devices

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EVOLVEO MultiMedia Box C4, 8K Ultra HD multimediálne centrum


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Extreme Quality for Extremely Audiovisual Experience

Certified cable according to HDMI 2.1b specifications

EVOLVEO XXtremeCord suitable for all new generation multimedia devices such as PlayStation, Xbox, Blu-Ray, High-end PCs, 8K/4K TVs, DVB-T / DVB-T2 receivers / recorders or projectors.


• exclusive HDMI cable, support for HDMI 2.1 version
• 8K resolution support, 60Hz/50Hz (4320p)
• 4K resolution support, 120/100/60/50Hz (2160p)
• 2K resolution support and Full HD (1080p)
• transfer bandwidth of digital audio and video signals at speeds of up to 48Gbps
• support for 21:9 wide-screen aspect ratio
• Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM)
• Enhanced Audio Return Channel (eARC)
• Quick Frame Transport (QFT)
• Quick Media Switching (QMS)
• Variable Refresh Rate (VRR)
• high Dynamic Range (HDR) and Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG) video signal transfer option
• support for up to 32 audio channels
• support for up to 1536 kHz audio sampling frequency for highest audio fidelity
• certified by HDMI associations
• AWG 30 premium value
• triple shielding enhances protection against electromagnetic and radio interference (EMI+RFI)
• connectors are gold-plated with 24-carat gold to ensure optimal connection and maximum signal transmission
• conductor is made of high-purity copper free of oxygen additives for the highest conductivity and reliability
• reinforced nylon braid for high abrasion resistance
• HDMI Ethernet Channel: support for up to 100 Mbps inter-connection between two HDMI-connected devices
• reverse audio channel: transfer of audio signal from TV tuner back to the external amplifier/home cinema
• support for 3D protocols for 3D games and 3D home cinema applications
• temperature resistance from -25 to +80 °C
• complies with the European RoHS standard
• male/male connectors, 2 meters long




Product manager:

Lukáš Vašek, +420 387 001 475, +420 777 493 154,


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