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EVOLVEO Venus T2, 2x HD DVB-T2 USB tuner

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Code / TDE VHD-T2
Part No. / VNS-HD-T2
Recycle fee / 0,33 (VAT: 21%) 
VAT / 21%
Warranty / 24 Month
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EVOLVEO Venus, 2x HD DVB-T USB tuner s anténou


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Dual DVB-T2 USB receiver, HiDTV application for Windows 7,8,10, HDTV, HEVC/H.265, auto tuning, TIMESHIFT, EPG, antenna input

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Product details


Top digital HD DVB-T2 TV receiver for your computer or laptop with two tuners and support for high definition broadcasting.

Now you can watch 2 different channels at once and more. The Picture in Picture (PIP) function supports watching two channels at once or allows you to record one programme and watch the other.
Watch digital TV, record programmes you need, just plug the EVOLVEO Venus T2 into a USB port, without the need for external power. It also supports TimeShift, which allows you to record and watch a TV programme at any recorded point while the programme you are watching is still being recorded, or pause a live TV broadcast and then resume it from the point of interruption.

The electronic program guide offers a complete weekly program for many programmes, when information is available, and informs the viewer about film premieres.

• contains 2 sensitive HD DVB-T2 tuners
• PIP function (picture in picture): watch 2 channels at the same time, watch one programme while watching another programme

• TimeSHIFT support, watch from the beginning the programme that is still being recorded
• programme recording with support for automatic shutdown of the computer after recording
• scheduled EPG recording support
• EPG support
• HDTV, HEVC/H.265 support
• mpg-II Audio Layer I & II/AAC support
• automatic tuning
• ability to capture the screen in JPEG format
• the antenna is connected with a standard antenna connector, so it can be easily connected to your existing antenna
• 75 Ohm antenna input
• Dimensions 86 x 30 x 16.5 mm

System requirements for DVB-T2 monitoring and recording

• Windows XP (SP2)/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 8.1/Windows 10
• Pentium 2.4 GHz and higher
• 4GB RAM or more
• Graphics card with 1 GB of memory or higher
• sound card
• Microsoft direct X 9.0 or higher
• one USB 2.0 port

The package includes

• USB DVB-T2 receiver EVOLVEO Venus T2
• DVB-T2 antenna
• User manual




Product manager:

Martin Žák, +420 387 001 491,


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