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EVOLVEO StrongVision 2GA, GSM/MMS/Hunting/wildlife/timelapse camera

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EVOLVEO StrongVision 2GA, GSM/MMS/Hunting/wildlife/timelapse camera


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Camera trap, 2G MMS/Email, 8GB SD card FREE, 20 Mpix photography, timelapse camera, night photo and video, Full HD video, 3×PIR sensor 120°, 2,4" display, microSD support, 36 IR LED 940nm - invisible spectrum, 8x AA battery, IP 65

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Dear Customer, for service EVOLVEO products visit the support page: Thank you.



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This compact, modern camera lets you take photos or videos with sound in all the places where you can't use a conventional camera system. The photos taken will be sent to your mobile phone in the form of an MMS or an email. You can easily watch the movement around your home, summer house, garden house, business, warehouse, construction site or just watch wildlife in distant locations. You can set up the camera easily and quickly with the help of the Czech menu on your display. If the camera's field of vision is disturbed, you will receive an email/MMS with the captured photo. Recording on the SD card starts when motion is detected in front of the camera or according to the shooting time interval.

Advantages of the EVOLVEO outdoor camera

High-quality IP65 waterproof design, an Email/MMS notification in case of a detected motion, quick camera settings with a Czech menu on the display, easy installation to the chosen place of use, the possibility to move the camera elsewhere anytime, long-life battery or charging via an external power supply.

20Mpix photography and fullHD video

The camera can record photos in up to 20mpix resolution and video in 1080p/30fps resolution, all in both day and night mode. In the photo mode, the camera captures the photo in record time after the motion detection.

Timelapse camera

The time-lapse mode allows you to easily record, for example, a construction project. Just set the time interval and the camera will take a picture every 30, 60 or 240 minutes and save it on the card.


Thanks to accessories, you can not only protect your camera but also extend the battery life up to double.

The camera can be equipped with suitable accessories such as a solar panel to extend the operating time up to double!
Solar panel

To protect your camera trap from vandals or external influences, you can buy a lockable protective metal box.
Metal box

High-quality night photo and video and 120° motion detection

For the purposes of taking photos, there are 36 sensitive infra-red illuminating diodes with a 940nm wavelength, which is invisible to the human and animal eye. Motion sensing takes place in a wide field of vision of 120° using 3 PIR sensors.

• Sending MMS/Emails to multiple phone numbers/email addresses at the same time
• Support for 2G GSM networks
• IP65 waterproof design
• Photo resolution: 20 Mpix, 16 Mpix or 12 MPix
• 120° viewing angle
• Sets off when motion is detected
• Shutter speed 0.3 second
• Suitable for monitoring the movement around your house, summer house, garden house, business, warehouse, construction site or in the wilderness
• Timelapse camera
• Infra-red night shooting
• 36x Infra-red LED with 940nm invisible spectrum
• IR LED range 25 m
• Support for viewing photos and videos on the camera display
• Save up to 32GB of photos and videos to a microSD card
• Video resolution with audio: Full HD, HD or VGA
• Colour photos for day shooting, black and white photos for night shooting

• Well-arranged 2.4" display
• Multishot support: 1, 3, 6 or 9 photos
• Interval 1, 5, 10, 30 seconds or minutes
• Video length 10, 30, 60 or 90 seconds
• Each photo contains date, time, temperature, battery status
• Four types of recording: camera, video, camera + video, time lapse
• Field of vision 120°
• PIR sensor range up to 25 meters
• Possibility of securing with a PIN code
• Possibility of setting the shooting time interval
• Possibility of setting the shooting interval from 1 second to 30 minutes
• Possibility of mounting the camera with a strap or on a tripod
• Display protected with a practical integrated cover
• Operating temperature -20 °C to +70 °C
• Batteries in a separate battery box to protect the electronics
• Screw thread for the tripod
• Outputs: AV output for TV, USB, microSD card, power supply connector
• Power supply: 4-8 pcs AA batteries (not included) or external power supply
• Dimensions 135 x 90 x 76 mm
• Weight 290 g (without batteries)

MMS/Email Setup Software

• MMS Config download HERE

Package Content:

• EVOLVEO StrongVision A
• Antenna
• 8GB SD card
• Tweezers for removing the SIM card
• Fastening strap
• USB cable
• User manual




Product manager:

Martin Žák, +420 387 001 498, +420 739 527 514,


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