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EVOLVEO RoboTrex H9, robotic vacuum cleaner (wet wiping and charging station)

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EVOLVEO RoboTrex H9, robotic vacuum cleaner (wet wiping and charging station)



Robotic vacuum cleaner (wet wiping and charging station), BLDC motor, option of wet mopping, HEPA filter, 2,500 mAh battery, up to 120 minutes of operation, 1800pa suction power, noise level less than 56 dB, delayed cleaning function

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H9 - HEPA filter

  5,45 5,45

H9 - AC charger adapter

  8,96 8,96

H9 - left brush

  1,93 1,93

H9 - middle brush

  8,57 4,80

H9 - MOP

  5,06 5,06

H9 - primary filter

  5,45 3,90

H9 - right brush

  1,93 1,93

H9 - remote control

  12,47 3,86

EVOLVEO RoboTrex H9 - Li-ion battery 2500 mAh

  21,43 21,43

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Product details


Robotic vacuum cleaner with wet wiping option

SMART gyroscopic navigation and easy control of the cleaned area with a mobile app in the Czech language ensures easy and thorough cleaning of your home. Thanks to its smart navigation, the vacuum cleaner does not cross the same places repeatedly and can quickly clean up your rugged apartment or house and return to the charging station after cleaning. Large wheels and powerful engines ensure that the vacuum cleaner can get over obstacles up to 15mm high, and thus overcome the wooden door sills and transition strips.

Mobile App

The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a WiFi module, which ensures the connection to your home network. Then you can control your vacuum cleaner from anywhere via mobile app in your smartphone or tablet. The application allows easy operation of the vacuum cleaner such as its launch in various cleaning modes, setting one of the three levels of suction power, checking already cleaned space on a virtual map, setting up planned cleaning or finding a vacuum cleaner. The application, at the same time, provides you with information about the battery charge level or current status of the robot. Mobile application is compatible with Android and iOS operating systems.

SMART gyroscopic navigation

SMART gyroscopic navigation greatly reduces the number of passes, ensuring a better orientation in the area, thus significantly reducing the cleaning time. Thanks to this, the vacuum cleaner reaches almost 100% coverage of the cleaned area, knows when the area is cleaned up, finishes cleaning and returns to the charging station

Perfect cleaning with wet wiping

The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a replaceable 350 ml water tank and a microfiber mop that allows for more than 200 m2 of flooring to be wiped out by one filling. In addition, the rotary brushes still work in this mode, so they can sweep away the dirt from the floor to ensure even more efficient cleaning results. The smart electronic system ensures a smooth feed of water without excessive dripping, therefore the appliance is suitable even for wooden and parquet floors.

Central brush and two side brushes for prefect cleaning

The rotating central brush is equipped with three rubber straps, that ensure efficient vacuuming of both the carpets and smooth floors, and in combination with a pair of antistatic side brushes it does not have a problem to clean areas around furniture, along the walls, corners, and other hard-to-reach areas.

Three modes of suction power

The robotic vacuum cleaner has three levels of suction power pre-set depending on running cleaning mode, and at the same time it is possible change these levels as needed. You can switch on the highest power for heavily soiled areas and, on the other hand, use the lowest power for less soiled floor or when watching your favourite TV show.

Scheduled cleaning

The vacuum cleaner allows schedule cleaning at any time and any day of the week, so cleaning can be done without your presence.

Modern BLDC motor

The built-in BLDC motor features a long operating life, higher reliability, quieter operation and especially more effective operation than conventional motors used in competing products.

HEPA filter

The HEPA filter helps to capture even the finest dust, allergenic mites or animal allergens. It also prevents small dust particles from leaking back into the air. Cleaning and maintenance of the vacuum cleaner is very simple thanks to bag-less operation. The filter can be cleaned and used repeatedly.

Sensors against fall and impact

The vacuum cleaner is equipped with sensors to prevent falling from the stairs and against impact. Sensors thus prevent the vacuum cleaner from falling from the stairs and landing and protect your furniture and the vacuum cleaner from impact or damage.

High-capacity battery

A high-capacity Li-Ion battery of 2,500 mAh provides sufficient energy for cleaning over prolonged period of time. This is one of the most advanced batteries that does not require formatting. The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a special protection that stops charging the battery when it is fully charged so it cannot be overcharged. When cleaning is done, the robot automatically returns to the charging station and starts charging.

• mobile application
• SMART gyroscopic navigation
• Voice control Alexa / Google Home
• premium glass surface against scratching
• possibility of wet wiping with XXL mop
• possibility of dry wiping with the XXL mop to remove fine dust
• central TURBO brush and two side brushes
• possibility to plan the cleaning at a set time (deferred cleaning)
• three level filtering: primary filter, secondary filter and HEPA filter that captures even the finest dust and dirt
• operation without bags
• modern and quiet long life NIDEC 36Watts BLDC motor made in Japan
• high suction power up to 1800Pa
• three modes of suction power
• automatic charging in charging station
• operation time 100-120 minutes by one charging
• high capacity Li-Ion battery 2 500 mAh
• sensors against falling from the stairs and impact
• IR remote control with LED display
• trash container capacity 600 ml
• water container capacity 350 ml
• diameter 330 mm
• height 76 mm
• weight 2.5 kg

Package contains

• EVOLVEO RoboTrex H9
• trash container for vacuum cleaning (600 ml)
• water container for wet mopping (350 ml)
• IR remote control with LED display
• 2 pcs of batteries for remote control
• charging station
• power supply 230 V
• spare HEPA filter
• spare microfiber mop fabric, XXL size
• spare side cleaning brush, 2 pcs
• cleaning brush
• user manual

Video assembly procedure can be found here.




Product manager:

Zbyněk Váňa, +420 387 001 461,


Product website:


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