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EVOLVEO Ptero ZX Cooled

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EVOLVEO Ptero ZX Cooled


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Massage gaming chair with cooling ventilators, breathable material + PU leather, rocking mechanism with a lock, lumbar support with massage functions, headrest, adjustable armrests, rubberised wheels, load bearing capacity 150 kg



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Product details


Evolveo Ptero ZX Cooled, gaming chair with massage functions and build in ventilators in the seat for better ventilation.

Professional gaming chair for improvement of gaming or working performance and comfort during long sitting. The chair ensures correct posture thanks to the headrest and the lumbar support with massage functions that features 8 different massage modes. Moreover, there are two 80 mm ventilators on the bottom of the chair that offer ventilation for more comfortable sitting even while playing or working for several hours. Quality metal frame with weight up to 150 kg ensures endurance.

80 mm ventilators and massage lumbar support

There are two 80 mm ventilators with 1800 RPM on the bottom of the chair that cool the seat and ensure more comfortable feeling while sitting. The power supply is provided by USB cable. Moreover, the chair is supplied with a lumbar support for better posture that features massage functions. It is possible to choose between 8 different massage modes. The armrests are 2D ones, so they allow adjustment of height including adjustment to sides.

EVOLVEO Ptero ZX Cooled

60 mm rubberised wheels

The chair features special 60 mm rubberised wheels, so it is suitable for both solid and soft types of floor without fear of scratching or other damage.

EVOLVEO Ptero ZX Cooled

Chair material

The chair features three different types of material. The seat and backrest are covered with special breathable material that allows better ventilation and helps against sweating during long sitting. The sides of the chair are covered with grey breathable PU leather for better ventilation. The other parts of chair are covered with black PU leather.

EVOLVEO Ptero ZX Cooled

• Steady metal design
• Breathable double mesh material
• 2x 80 mm ventilator
• adjustable armrests
• Special double rubberised 60 mm wheels
• Up to 180° tilt thanks to rocking mechanism
• Massage lumbar support - 8 modes
• Load bearing capacity 150 kg

Chair dimensions:
• Total height: 127-135cm

Seat dimensions:
• Width 41cm
• Depth 52cm

backrest dimensions:
• Height 86cm
• Width 60cm




Product manager:

Tomáš Seethaler, +420 387 001 460, +420 775 898 831,


Product website:


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