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EVOLVEO HDO, active outdoor DVB-T/T2 antenna

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EVOLVEO HDO, active outdoor DVB-T/T2 antenna


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Outdoor antenna receives Full HD DVD-T/T2 signals.

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Product details


Antenna suitable in areas with weak signal

Built-in amplifier with external power supply and overall parameters predetermine the antenna for use in areas with weak TV signal. The antenna is equipped with LTE filter, which filters out all the undesirable signals from mobile operators, therefore there are absolutely no complications with the TV signal reception. The antenna covers a wide frequency range of 470-862MHz, which means it allows a reception of all TV signals. Conversion efficiency of the TV signal into an electrical signal is 90 to 100% depending on the signal frequency. The antenna also receives 4K/UHD TV signals. A special aerodynamic shape of the antenna is much more resistant to snow and wind than classic shape antennas.

Efficiency, noise and spatial gain graphs

UHF VSWR (Voltage Standing Wave Ratio) graph shows the antenna efficiency. Coefficient VSWR equal to 1 indicates the conversion of electromagnetic waves into an electrical signal. The HDO antenna VSWR graph achieves a very balanced efficiency and it does not evince lower efficiency than 90% for virtually any frequency band. With exceptions, the VSWR graph value is not higher than 2.
HDO antenna exhibits very low noise values even at large signal gain.
The UHF Polar graph shows the areas with the largest signal gain.

Easy adjusting of the antenna position

Mounting the antenna cannot be simpler. Thanks to a rotary joint it is possible to find the ideal position for the antenna with ease.

Package content

• Antenna
• Power supply
• User Manual
• 8,5 m of coaxial cable, F connector
• Clamping device


• UHF: 470-862MHz
• VHF: 47-230MHz
• Input voltage: AC220-240V
• Operating voltage: DC12V/50mA
• Connector type: F connector
• Gain: UHF 45dB






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ing Petr Petrlík,


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