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EVOLVEO EasyPhone FD, a mobile phone for senior citizens with a charging stand (red colour)

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Code / SGM EP-700-FDR
Part No. / EP-700-FDR
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Warranty / 24 Month
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EVOLVEO EasyPhone FD, a mobile phone for senior citizens with a charging stand (red colour)


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Flip design with large buttons, 2,4" and 1,77” screens, Dual SIM, camera with a LED flashlight, 2 dedicated keys, SOS button, FM tuner, Bluetooth, miscroSDHC, flashlight, 1000 mAh battery.

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EP-700 - battery

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EP-700 - charger

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EP-700 - charging cradle

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EP-700 - main screen 2,4

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Product details


An elegant flip mobile phone with a charging stand and a big colour screen

Simple operation

Flip mobile phone EVOLVEO EasyPhone FD is easy to use, well equipped and it supports two active SIM cards. Large numbers and letters on the big colour screen are easy to read. Individual keys are separated to simplify writing SMS messages and typing phone numbers. To call your favourite numbers you can use two dedicated keys on the front side of the phone and eight alphanumeric keys. You can quickly launch the camera or the fleshlight by pressing one key.

wo displays for greater clarity

The 2,4” main and 1,77” extra screens will make the use of phone easier. On the extra screen, you can see the information about incoming calls, missed calls, incoming SMS, time, battery status or signal quality. 2,4” main and easy to read screen offers a well-arranged menu for easy use.

SOS call and emergency SMS message

There is a SOS button on the back of the phone. When it is pressed, the phone will automatically start to dial preset numbers and sends emergency messages. You can choose up to five numbers that will be called and sent a message to.

Charging stand

The phone is supplied with a charging stand for easy battery charging. The stand is equipped with a LED indicator that informs you about the charging status.

Practical equipment

High quality camera with LED flash, FM radio with automatic channel tuning, flashlight with a dedicated button on the side of the phone, audio player with the possibility of playing tracks from microSDHC card, calendar, alarms and other practical equipment for easy use

• well-arranged ad simple menu
• simple operation - making calls and sending SMS and MMS messages have never been easier
• large 2.4” colour main screen
• 1.77” colour extra screen for fast information
• two dedicated keys to dial your favourite telephone numbers
• a dedicated key to launch camera and torch
• loud ringtones and speaker
• SOS button on the back of the phone to dial up to five telephone numbers
• stand with a LED indicator to charge the battery easily

• screen resolution 320 x 240 px
• separated keys on the keypad
• MMS message support
• GSM 850/900/1,800/1,900 MHz
• five user profile
• quick access to up to 8 favourite telephone numbers
• vibrations
• a volume control button on the left side of the phone
• 3.5 mm headphone jack
• FM radio with automatic or manual tuning
• microSDHC card support
• highly efficient speaker for a loud hands-free
• VGA camera
• Image browser
• music player
• digital recorder
• Calendar
• Alarm
• Bluetooth
• calculator
• 1 050 mAh Li-Ion battery
• dimensions 103.9 x 51.8 x 21 mm
• Weight 98 g (including the battery)

Package content

• EVOLVEO EasyPhone FD
• a charging stand
• 230V USB charger
• Stereo headphones with hands-free function
• User manual




Product manager:

Zbyněk Váňa, +420 387 001 461,


Product website:




Name Value
Design:  Tlačítkový, Véčko
Mobile Phones - Type:  Pro seniory



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Manual:  Evolveo-EasyPhone-FD-manual-cz-sk-en-pl-hu-bg.pdf
EasyPhone FD - left side r.JPG:  EasyPhone FD - left side r.JPG
Manual DE:  Evolveo-EasyPhone-FD-manual-de.pdf
Manual IT:  Evolveo-EasyPhone-FD-manual-it.pdf
1r.JPG:  1r.JPG
EasyPhone FD - STAND r.JPG:  EasyPhone FD - STAND r.JPG
EasyPhone FD - front r.JPG:  EasyPhone FD - front r.JPG
EasyPhone FD - back r.JPG:  EasyPhone FD - back r.JPG
EasyPhone FD - bottom r.JPG:  EasyPhone FD - bottom r.JPG
EasyPhone FD - right side r.JPG:  EasyPhone FD - right side r.JPG



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