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EVOLVEO AudioConverter XS, DAC s Bluetooth vysielačom a prijímačom 2v1

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Part No. / ACXS-DAC-BT
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Warranty / 24 Month
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EVOLVEO AudioConverter XS, DAC s Bluetooth vysielačom a prijímačom 2v1


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aptX-HD support, DAC/ADC converter, Bluetooth 5.0 (Transmitter/Receiver), support for two Bluetooth devices with a range of up to 70 m, NFC

Product details


EVOLVEO AudioConverter XS is a Bluetooth transmitter and receiver with DAC

It converts digital (optical), analog, Bluetooth audio signals and allows you to play music on your home HiFi or wireless headphones/speakers/sound bars.

The device supports aptX-HD with a very low latency (aptX Low Latency) and support for 24-bit audio.

• Very easy to set up and control (Plug & Play)

• Audio conversion in all directions DAC / ADC / Bluetooth (Transmitter/Receiver) / Analog (In/Out) / Bypass

• Support for both wireless and wired connection

• Support for connecting up to 2 Bluetooth wireless headphones/speakers simultaneously

• Bluetooth range of up to 70 m (25 - 35 m in an enclosed space)

• No sync delay, suitable for watching TV, movies, gaming

• NFC support

• Low power consumption and quiet operation

Audio conversion options:

Optical cable -> Analog cable (DAC converter 16 bit/96 kHz)

Analog cable -> Optical cable (ADC converter 16 bit/48 kHz)

Optical/Analog cable -> 2× Bluetooth device (24 bit through S/PDIF)

Bluetooth input -> Optical/Analog cable

Bypass function


1× TOSLINK digital input (optical S/PDIF)

1× audio 3.5mm jack (headphone/analog)

NFC - for quick and convenient connection by mobile phone

Bluetooth - wireless audio input via mobile phone or tablet


1× TOSLINK digital output (optical S/PDIF)

1× audio 3.5mm jack (headphone/analog)

Bluetooth - wireless transmission for up to two devices (wireless headphones/speakers/sound bars)

Device buttons:

Turning the device ON/OFF

Switch to mode (transmitter/receiver/bypass)

Volume control


Button for pairing with Bluetooth devices

Device description:

Professional chip: Qualcomm CSR8670

Qualcomm® aptX™ HD audio technology

Bluetooth 5.0 (range of up to 70 m, 25 - 35 m in an enclosed space)

Supported codecs: SBC, A2DP, APTX, APTX Low Latency, MP3, AAC

2 × swivel antenna (non-removable)

Quiet operation - no fans

Device weight: 130 g

Device dimensions: 126 × 94 × 29 mm

Colour: black

Device power:


≤150 mA

MicroUSB input

(thanks to low consumption, the device can also be powered from a portable power bank)

Package contents:

AudioConverter XS

Power supply, input: AC100-240V 0.2A / Output: DC5V 1A

Power microUSB cable 1.5m

Optical audio cable (M/M) 1.0m

Connecting audio cable 3.5 mm jack (M/M) 0.6

Connecting audio cable with cinch (2x RCA M/3.5mm jack F) 0.4m

Quick User Guide

User manual




Product manager:

Lukáš Vašek, +420 387 001 475, +420 777 493 154,


Product website:


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