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D-LINK DXS-3600-16S/SI Managed stackable switch 8×10GbE SFP+ (C2P)

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D-LINK DXS-3600-16S/SI Managed stackable switch 8×10GbE SFP+ (C2P)


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Informace k záruce:
Na produkt je poskytována omezená doživotní záruka, to znamená, že záruční lhůta vyprší až pět let poté, co společnost D-Link (nebo její nástupce) ukončí prodej daného produktu v Evropě.
Pro nárok na omezenou doživotní záruku je třeba produkt zaregistrovat (viz níže) u D-Link Europe do třiceti (30) dnů od data zakoupení. Registraci lze provést přes samoobslužný portál.

The DXS 3600 Series Top of Rack 10 Gigabit Managed Switches consists of:

   DXS-3600-16S/SI: 8-Port 10 Gigabit SFP+ L2+ Top-of-Tack Managed Switch (Standard Image) with Expansion Slot
   DXS-3600-32S/SI: 24-Port 10 Gigabit SFP+ L2+ Stackable Top-of-Tack Managed Switch (Standard Image) with Expansion Slot

D-Link’s DXS-3600 Series Top-of-Rack 10 Gigabit Stackable1 Managed Switch consists of compact, high-performance switches that feature 10 Gigabit Ethernet switching, routing, and very low latency. The 1U height and front-to-back air flow make the DXS-3600 Series suitable for Top-of-Rack data centre, enterprise and campus aggregation network environments. The DXS-3600 Series consists of 24-port and 8-port 10 Gigabit SFP+ switches with an expansion module slot. The optional expansion modules not only provide additional 10 Gigabit SFP+ ports but also 120G stacking1, 10GBASE-T or 1000BASE-T connectivity for different applications.

Convenient deployment

The DXS-3600 Series switches provide your network with high-performance 10 Gigabit Ethernet switching capacities of up to 960/480 Gbps and forwarding rates of up to 714/357 Mbps. Hot-swappable power modules and fan trays provides the switches with redundancy and high availability. As well as redundancy, loading sharing between the power modules helps to further extend their lifetime. The modular fan design can provide 2+1 redundancy for the system. If a fan fails or the temperature rises, the smart fans will increase their speed accordingly to ensure the device continues to operate without downtime.

Flexible software

The DXS-3600 Series can be deployed using one of two different software images. The Standard Image (SI) features a wide range of Layer 2, VLAN, multicasting, Quality of Service (QoS), security, data centre, and static routing functions. The Enhanced Image (EI) features comprehensive IPv4/v6 routing including RIP, VRRP, OSPF, BGP, and L3 multicasting features such as IGMP, MLD, PIM-DM, SM, SDM, SSM, and DVMR.  The Enhanced Image (EI) also supports L2/L3 MPLS VPN that enables the DXS-3600 Series switches to be deployed as the core router of an enterprise environment or as an aggregation switch in an MPLS environment.

Data centre features

Data Centre Bridging (DCB) is an essential set of enhancements to Ethernet for networking in data centre environments. The DXS-3600 Series switches support various core components of Data Centre Bridging (DCB) such as IEEE 802.1Qbb, IEEE 802.1Qaz, and IEEE 802.1Qau; preventing data loss during network congestion, managing the allocation of bandwidth and providing congestion management. The DXS-3600 Series switches also support cut-through switching, which reduces network latency.

Energy efficient

The DXS-3600 Series switches allow users to manage airflow by using different power and fan module sets. Front-to-back airflow optimizes air circulation to provide more effective cooling throughout rack systems in data centres. The switches also feature built-in smart fans; internal heat sensors monitor and detect temperature changes, and react accordingly by utilizing different fan speeds for different temperatures. At lower temperatures, the fans will run slower, reducing the switch’s power consumption and noise.

1 Only available on DXS-3600-32S




Product manager:

Jan Medo,


Product website:




Name Value
AirFlow:  C2P (Conector to power)
L2/L3:  L2+
Number of ports:  8
POE:  no
Redundant Power Supply:  Optional
Stackable:  0
Switching Bandwidth (Gbps):  480
The predominant port:  Ethernet 10GbE SFP+



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