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    About us 


    Petr Petrlík, CEO

    Jan Petrák, CTO

    Abacus Electric is a traditional partner in the field of IT and CE since 1992, based in Č. Budějovice, Czech Republic. A team of fifty employees in five EU countries works together on the company development. Company process management is a subject to quality control according to ISO 9001. Abacus Electric operates in the following fields.

    Manufacture of servers

    SUPERMICRO server production and distribution. Servers are made to order according to customer´s requirements. This ensures that customers will get the latest available technology at the lowest price on the market. This added value offers an active collaboration with the customer before the sale and after its implementation. We send you a SUPERMICRO server offer the next working day after receiving your request. In this field, Abacus Electric is placed the fourth imaginary place in the numbers of servers sold in the Czech Republic.

    Distribution of EVOLVEO a Salente brands

    The EVOLVEO brand was founded in 2005 and focuses on three market segments: digital home, personal and outdoor electronics, PC parts and PC accessories. The Salente brand was established in 2011 and focuses in small home appliances. The distribution and service of both brands is handled by an international team in more than eight countries.


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